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Star 88, New Mexico's Fresh Alternative. Vertical Worship, Fresh Indie and Christian Hits.


On Star88 and KNKT 107.1, every Sunday from 8 AM until 2 PM. We kick off at 8 with the best of the best teaching. Then we showcase various ministries, events and churches in town. You can invite us to come hang with you and broadcast live.

Teaching schedule

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Jesus. Man, myth or Legend


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Do You See This Woman?



An Anchor Called Hope



2017-09-03| Andy Stanley, When Dreams Can't Come True

2017-08-27 | Andy Stanley, The Great King

2017-08-20 | Andy Stanley, The Abigail Way

2017-08-13 | Andy Stanley, Killer Giants

2017-08-06 | Andy Stanley, The Reluctant Hero

2017-07-30 | Levi Lusko, Live at Wake U

2017-07-23 | Ravi Zacharias, Learn How to do Apologetics in the Twenty-first Century

2017-07-16 | Billy Graham, Tech, Faith & Human Shortcomings

2017-07-09 | Chad Veach, A Good News Church

2017-07-02 | Matt Chandler, Hospitality and the Greatest Story Ever Told

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