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What is Gospel Brunch?

Gospel Brunch is the weekly simulcast on KNKT and Star 88. We set this time aside to focus on worship music, Bible teaching and the Church, with a big C.

We begin with a curated “Best of the Best” Bible teaching. Then we turn up the worship and feature talksets by our talent highlighting different churches, ministries and events throughout the state.

At noon we break away from the simulcast to join in with Pastor Skip Heitzig and the fellowship at Calvary Church Albuquerque.


When is Gospel Brunch?

Gospel Brunch is broadcasted every Sunday from 8 AM until 2 PM. When we are live, we’re on location from around 8:30 AM until 1 PM.


Who Hosts Gospel Brunch?

Gospel Brunch is hosted by Star 88’s talent, Heidi Darling. Heidi is an Albuquerque transplant with a background in ministry and creative media. She’s a quality hostess and genuinely good people.


Where does Gospel Brunch Happen?

That’s where you come in! We want to come to your church and broadcast live.


Why do you do Gospel Brunch?

We believe in the Church, with the big C. We’re always asking the question, what can we do for our brothers and sisters in Christ? God has given us an incredible platform to share the Gospel with the world, but we know we aren’t the only ones doing it, and we want to get in on the great things your church is doing, and tell everyone about it.


Ok, but what’s it going to take?

We are pretty self-sufficient. On location we need some space, and a power outlet, nothing special.

If we’re outside, a place to park our van, and a 10x10 space for our pop-up tent.

If we’re inside, a place to park our van, and a 6x8 space for our table.


Won’t this be disruptive?

We definitely don’t want to interrupt your church. We keep the volume down (unless you ask to turn it up) and won’t accost your congregation. We bring free swag to give away and schedule all the interviews in advance.


Interviews, what interviews?

Part of Gospel Brunch is telling the listening audience about your church, and your churches events. To do that we need to talk to the people who know those details. We’ll schedule a selection of breaks that we will be talking to your representative(s). We’ll submit questions in advance so that both of us are prepared. Then when the time is right, we’ll invite you on the air and talk about that thing you’re passionate about.


Whoops, I’m not familiar with KNKT or Star 88…

First, fix that. Tune in!

KNKT is heard in the Albuquerque metro on 107.1 FM. KNKT features some of today’s best Bible teachers, and modern worship. We’re live, we’re local and we love New Mexico.

Star 88 is broadcast across New Mexico and southern Colorado on a network of 14 translators. Almost every city in the New Mexico state receives Star 88. In Albuquerque we’re on 88.3 FM. Star 88 is New Mexico’s Fresh Alternative, the home of vertical worship, Christian hits and fresh indie. We’re also the landing site for the Morning Invasion with Dex and Stevo, voted top 5 radio show in Albuquerque the Magazine.